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Amazon Shipping Error and fixing common issues

There are two different types of shipping label you will need to use when fulfilling your orders. The first is if you are handling shipping fulfillment yourself, and the second if you are using an FBA shipping label.

In your seller account you will be able to access the Shipment Creation Workflow function, and choose which label to print. Select the correct label from the Label Products page and enter the amount you wish to print in the ‘# of labels to print’ section, then print using the ‘print labels for this page’ button.

If you are using FBA, print from your ‘manage FBA Inventory’ page. Make sure you cover the bar code of the product with the label when sending to Amazon for fulfillment.

Amazon FBA also offers a ‘Scan and Ship’ service. This enables you to add units to your shipment using a bar code scanner, and print labels immediately. It’s a useful time-saving tool for medium to large quantities of shipments, using the Shipment Creation Workflow system.

Issues with printing Amazon Shipping Labels

Some people have reported issues with printing labels, especially using Amazon’s JAVA app. Issues include labels being printed more than once for the same product, sometimes up to three time, and labels not printing at all.

Some people have received error warning messages. In other cases, the JAVA application fails after a short period of successful printing. It does appear that most common problems arise from the JAVA app itself and how it works with different browsers. The type of browser a seller is using to run the JAVA applet may cause different issues and negatively affect functionality of the app.

This is obviously a frustrating issue, wasting time and leading to extra costs when more than one label is printed unnecessarily.

Here are some workarounds exist to combat error issues when printing.

Check JAVA is up to date

First of check you have the latest update of JAVA installed and running. Once this is up to date you can reset the JAVA app. At times the connection may be lost, causing errors in printing.

Check Your Permissions

In some browsers, particularly Chrome and Firefox, printing errors can sometimes occur when the correct permissions have not been set. When you try to print your label, check to see if there is a padlock icon at the left side of the address bar. If it’s green then the permissions are correct, but if it’s red you will need to ensure the JAVA app is enabled for your browser.

Adjust Printing Margins

Some users have reported labels failing to print, especially when using thermal printers. A solution to this is to go to Amazon and purchase your shipping label. When you select ‘print’ check the thermal printer properties. Check the height of the label. At times the height may automatically reset itself via amazon to 11.88 inches.  By selecting the height of 6 inches instead you should be able to solve this problem.


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